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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Read papers in 3D !!!

today 11.11.11.. 

New Straits Times 
in 3D 

It is all in 3D today!
To make it all more exciting this first day, the entire newspaper can be viewed with special 3D glasses, a treat for readers and advertisers.  It is my first experience with a 3D edition of a newspaper and I admit that it was fun, although perhaps not practical for everyday.  The selection of photos was more mandated by the 3D requirements than other values, but it is only one day.

Other important changes:
The logo: this is a touchy subject, usually, and, although many newspapers toy with the idea of changing a logo, in the end, it usually does not happen. But here, alas, it has.
The new logo of the New Straits Times is set in a font called Coranto.  The logo was created by the Garcia Media team with Constantin Eberle, of Garcia Media Europe,  doing the major part of the work, assisted by our art director/project manager Reed Reibstein, based in New York City.  Their collaboration created a logo that is more modern and emphasizes the word New, which the old logo diminished.
blog post image
The old and the new logos for the New Straits Times: the new one is set in a lightly customized Coranto 2

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